Vending – is Automatic Retailing.

Convenient, safe and easy to use – it’s a 24/7 shop for all your favourite, hot drink, confectionery, snacks, cold drinks – even fresh fruit, yogurts, ready meals, sandwiches, salads and light lunches, that can include Vegan, Gluten Free, Low fat or Sugar dietary ranges, to suit any requirements

The Micro Market – a cheeky summary

Lower Cost

Minimal fit out costs and operating in a smaller space than would be needed for a normal servery 

Delivered in service

The Micro Market doesn’t need kitchen or food preparation space – so you can regain floorspace for other uses

Lower energy consumption

A Micro Market runs some energy efficient refrigeration units, a paypoint and some LED lighting

Total Flexibility

Because the Micro Market is unmanned, refreshments are available 24 hours a day. This can cater for flexible working hours, ‘hot desk’ working practices, shift patterns etc


The Micro Market is probably one of the most hygienic workplace refreshment solutions available, with minimal touch points and an open design for ‘grazing’ and ease of social distancing


We can design your new Micro Market to be personal to your business, incorporating your designs/decor, and even your own corporate branding.