Coffee Beans

We carry a fantastic range of the worlds best coffee beans, from all the best regions that are masters of producing the world’s favourite hot drink. We have access to every type of roast you can ask for… including big brand favourites like Lavazza, Illy, Costa, Starbucks, and the artisan roasters such as Paddy & Scotts, The Lovely Coffee Company, Copper Roasters, Coffeelink etc. We offer beans with sustainable profiles, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance and some that support specific charities that may be important to your business ethos.

Bespoke Coffee Beans

In addition to our worldwide coffee bean range, we can also provide you with your very own roast! You choose the blends that suit your palate and those that get the best feedback from your staff, then provide us with your name and logo, and we deliver to you your very own coffee, with your choice of packaging and your company logo/name on it! How cool is that!

Recycled and Recyclable Vending Machine Cups

Rather than creating waste with paper or plastic cups, we encourage our hot drink customers to opt for re-usable thermal cups. 

These re-usable (I don’t believe we just said that), made from recycled materials (from single-use paper cups) and are themselves recyclable after a 10-year lifespan… which is very cool (or hot).

100% leakproof, with a simple push lid mechanism that eliminates spills and offers one-hand opening, providing total peace of mind whilst you’re on the go. 

The snazzy (can we say that?) looking cup is insulated to protect your hands and keep your drink warm for over 90 minutes, enough for any commute, walk, run, cycle or kids football game on a cold Sunday morning!

And one of the best bits? After 10 years use your cup can be returned to us to be recycled and regenerated into another Cup, and the recycle cycle continues

Hot Chocolate, Tea and all your favourite hot drinks for your vending machines

We can also offer you the very best in Hot Chocolate, Leaf breakfast teas, Green Teas, Soups, Speciality drinks for your vending machines – and if we don’t have exactly what you want, we will source it for you as part of our service